About Us

Welcome to Frownies Brownies!

Our mission was very simple: to create fun, decadent brownies that are allergy friendly and vegan. And after years of fine tuning we have done just that!

We know what it means to feel left out due to having food allergies or dietary requirements. That's why we wanted to make sure our brownies were not only safe but exceptionally delicious!

Our brownies are lovingly made in our free-from kitchen and have all been approved by our, self-appointed, Brownie Tester Specialist, Galileo!

He's our inspiration behind Frownies Brownies. Galileo has had food allergies all his life and it has been important to us that he and others like him don't feel excluded or are given disappointing alternatives. These brownies are meant for sharing and bringing everyone together!

Let us show you what free-from should really taste like!